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New To Life Center?

We know that attending a church service for the first time can be a super scary thing... Being unsure of what the dress, culture or even when to stand up and sit down can be a weirdly paralyzing thought! At Life Center, you can expect friendly and authentic people with engaging and relevant worship followed by compelling preaching that is Bible-based. You will have an opportunity to encounter God, be encouraged, and challenged as we worship God and hear from His word. 


We are a casual and friendly church the welcomes everyone, so no need to fear rejection! We believe in the Biblical expressions of worship like singing, use of instruments, lifting and clapping of our hands.


Your kids will have a blast at one of our Real Kids Classes.  We have a nursery and nursing mother’s room, with our service streaming so you don’t miss a thing.  Volunteers are readily available to assist you if you would like to leave your little ones with us.  Children under 5 are free to go up to their classrooms from the beginning of the service.  Children, Kindergarten through 5th grade, are welcome in the classrooms after worship. 

Our teachers are fun loving, fellow parents and community members who have a strong passion to be an encouraging voice to your child.  We have 3 goals in Real Kids: you learn about faith, you make friends, and you have fun!


Church can be an intimidating place to visit — especially if you don’t know what to expect. We invite you to experience what the Gospel means both intellectually and relationally at our Sunday worship service. Life Center is a friendly church that welcomes everyone. We hope that through visiting with us, you will experience the hope, love and joy that comes from a community of people who love Jesus.


We meet at 10:30 am on Sunday mornings at 201 N. Rock St, Centralia, WA 98531.

Authentic Worship

We look for God’s love in our lives as the evidence that we have been truly worshipping Him. We become like who we worship and God is love. His love transforms us as we give Him all our praise and worship. 

At Life Center, worship is a vital part of not only our Sunday services but our lives. Worship is a lifestyle, not just an agenda item on the schedule. Worship to us means that God is first in our lives daily.

When we take the time on Sunday's to gather for worship, we know we are realigning our lives.  Putting God at the top and allowing everything else to fall in place from there!  Our time of worship is often described as a favorite part of our service.  Come experience it for yourself.

Teaching from Scripture

We believe that practical, relevant teaching is the catalyst for transformation in an individual's life . Scripture is inspired by God, inerrant and the authority truth regarding our beliefs and the guide for how to live no matter the times or culture. 

We value Scripture—the Bible—as the basis for understanding who God is and how to orient our lives fully around Him. You can expect that each Sunday morning will include a set-aside time for hearing from Scripture, as well as practical teaching surrounding God's Word. 

Real Kids

Our Real Kids classes are exciting and fun!  Faith, Fun and Friends are our core values in children's ministry.  Our teachers are well equipped with Bible lessons and fun activities to inspire your kids!  

We encourage parents to look through the handouts their kids bring home and discuss how to apply to our daily lives.  Our themes are often very adaptable to every day life to make it that much easier for you and your family to fall deeply in love with Jesus!