Life Center Values

Values are biblical truths that are uniquely highlighted by God’s dealings with a particular group of people over time. They are things that identify and mark Life Center as important non-negotiables. Values guide our decisions, influence our vision, and shape our ministry.

  • Jesus is our message

    God first loved us and sent His Son to save us from sin. As a result, we’re in love with Jesus and we are stirred to share His love with our neighbors, both locally and globally.

  • God’s Word forms our lives

    The Word of God shapes, guides, and directs all we believe, care for, and how we act. 

  • The Holy Spirit empowers our mission

    The Holy Spirit guides, refreshes, and empowers us, so we prioritize His presence when we gather and listen to His voice as we live out His mission in everyday life.

  • The table is our practice

    When we create space at tables and over food, we find healing in vulnerability, grow as family, build lifetime relationships, and experience a foretaste of eternity.

  • Discipleship is our target

    We are a church that is on the MOVE: IN (closer to church family), UP (closer to God), and OUT (closer to the world around us). 

  • Diversity is our heart

    We strive for reconciliation, justice, and unity, believing that the best reflection of heaven on earth is unity in diversity, therefore we are a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, and multi-site church.

  • Excellence is our spirit

    Because God gave us His best and we desire to give Him ours, we endeavor to do the best we can with what we have in every circumstance.

  • Giving is our privilege

    We happily use our temporal resources for eternal impact in the lives of people, both where we live and around the world.


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